Da Vinci Clock Works

First study the science, and then practice the art which is born of that science.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Da Vinci Clockworks specializes in functional clockwork mechanical art pieces;  Blending the fanciful, beautiful and tactile experience of ancient mechanics with underlying modern technology in order to engage the mind, the eye and the spirit.

Lunar Orerry

A truly unique, beautiful, and functional installation art piece that tracks the location and phase of the moon in real time; an anachronox of technology and victorian automata.

[ awr–uh-ree, or– ]
noun,plural or·rer·ies.
an apparatus for representing the positions, motions, and phases of the planets, satellites, etc., in the solar system.

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About me

My name is Michael Rosola and for the last 20+ years I have invested my time studying and inventing. My home is littered with my various contraptions and show pieces and my computer full of novel mathematical proofs. Da Vinci Clockworks is my venture to bring some of my functional clockwork mechanical art to market.

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Contact: michael@davinciclockworks.com

Where to find my work

I invite you to browse my Etsy store or check back here to find galleries and events in which my products are on display.

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